Testimonials - What do Our Cutomers Think?

When I started making soap in May 2007, it was initially only for my own use and at the time my motivation was simply to create lovely products for myself. That feels like a long time ago now; since then I created Sedbergh Soap Co. to share the products with others. My motivation is now driven by the many letters and emails I receive from customers - young and old - who are excited about the fact that they have finally found what they were looking for.

We are very proud to be endorsed and recommended by Janey Lee Grace, the famous health expert, author and broadcaster.For the 3rd year running, have won the Platinum Awards

Here is a small selection of what our customers tell us:

 "Never have I brought an item of shopping home to the family and received such glowing endorsements! Having placed your soap in the bathroom by next morning everyone had discovered it and commented. To put this glowing endorsement in perspective I recently fitted a new kitchen and no-one bothered to comment - in fact I wonder if they even noticed"!
- James, Lancaster


"My husband and I both have sensitive skin and we find that Sedbergh soaps suit us perfectly. Recently my husband has found another way that the soap has helped a minor skin problem too.  He has had several very itchy dry areas on his leg that do not respond well to other treatments.  He tried rubbing the Lemongrass soap on to damp skin over the itchy areas. Surprisingly the areas stopped itching, become less red and settled down!  He does not know how the soap helps but it has proved to work for him on several occasions now."
- Mrs. B.E. in Scotland

"My skin normally reacts badly causing my skin to itch to the point that I have to scratch until I am bleeding to get some relief. I don't use anything on the body at all which means my skin is dry & flaky. So I was very interested in your products and cautiously tried the hand & body wash in the bath at the hotel. I was amazed at how nice my skin felt, it did not feel taut & dry but nice & soft."
- Rosanne, Dunfermline

"Thank you for my soap; it smells really nice and I like the bubbles. The cream doesn't hurt at all and feels soft."
- Mia, 5 years old with eczema, Cambridgeshire

"My daughter has terrible eczema too and I have tried everything on the market and nothing seems to work however after using your soaps my daughter's arms show a vast improvement. Furthermore, my Flat smells lovely because of their scent."
- Kristina

"You asked me to let you know how my daughter got on with your products & her eczema. I asked her today, having given it time to work, and she says the shampoo in particular (her scalp was very bad) has cleared it and she no longer has a problem. She is delighted with the results."
- J. Davis

 "I read about Sedbergh Soap in the paper and I have been absolutely thrilled with your products. Like you, I have suffered with eczema for many years so finding a range of bath products, which smell beautiful and at the same time feel good, is simply wonderful."
- Michelle, Lancashire

"I bought the bodywash as my husband is allergic to many shampoos/soaps and he has been fine using your product. Thank you."
Christine Taylor

"I was delighted to see the article in this week's Westmorland Gazette.I too have eczema and am thoroughly fed up of the usual perfume free soaps that I have had to rely on for years."
- Susan

"I just wanted to say how great your soap is, my husband also suffers from really bad eczema. I have 2 boys both of which are Autistic, My youngest son Jake who is 6 was having a bath last night and he commented on the soap saying how much it smelt like 'Turkish Delight' which is his favourite. What a wonderful hand made product".
- Lisa Thompson

"I have just had a holiday in the lakes and brought your soap on a shopping trip there. I love it love it .I will be ordering lots more , and now know what to get friends and family for christmas.will be ringing you soon with my order"
- Helen

"I am writing to endorse your wonderful soap i have found at your company - Sedbergh-soap company.
I have always had very sensitive skin, prone to rashes and general irritation and a few years ago, i started to get a few spotson my face - which of course at my age (17 years old) is a bit of a problem - not very good for the street cred!"

- Jenni, Ulverston

"I am delighted that I can take these home with me to use as extra special gifts for my family & friends. I am so pleased that I "found" your soaps in Sedbergh! "
- Penny

"You can add me to your list of satisified customers and I'll definitely be buying from you again."
- Julie, Broughton in Furness

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