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Our Story

Sedbergh Soap Co. is a family business and was initially setup as a farm diversification business and part of our working sheep & cattle farm at the foot of the magnificent Howgill Fells in Sedbergh. It all started in May 2007, when I began making my own soap, out of frustration, more than anything.

A lot has happened since then and within a few short months we won a coveted national business award as well as several accolades for our products. We have not looked back since.
I have suffered with severe eczema since birth so you can trust that I know first-hand what it means to have truly sensitive skin and how difficult it is to find suitable soaps and bath products. None of our products are tested on animals; to give you, (and me) total confidence, all our products are tested extensively on my own skin! in addition to common legislative testing. Rest assured that you will not find any of the 'nasty stuff' in Sedbergh Soap.

The fresh smell is from the 100% pure essential oils and the natural colours come from the herbs and plants we use, some of which we grow on our farm. We use a minimum of packaging, which allows you to smell which soap you like best.

To read more about what is special about Sedbergh Soap and why our products are ideal for all ages, whether you have a skin condition or simply prefer the pure things in life; read more on Sensitive Skin?

Sedbergh Soap Co. won 'NATIONAL Startups Business Award 2008'. And as the company's Founder, I was also runner up for the CN Group award 'Businesswoman of the Year 2008'.

Since then we have grown at an almost explosive pace and our feet have hardly touched the ground. Sedbergh Soap is now the product of choice for a number of the country's best restaurants and hotels, where focus is on using only the very best ingredients in the food they create. Extending the philosophy of purity of product from the kitchen into the bathroom, is embraced by luxury hotels and Michelin-Starred restaurants alike.

Then of course, there are all of our many loyal online customers from all corners of the world, so you could say that Sedbergh Soap Co. was born almost overnight.

I hope you enjoy your Sedbergh Soap.

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