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Our Ethics

Having lived with severe eczema all of my life and tried hundreds of products without finding bath and skin care products suitable for my skin, I decided to find out why and do something about it.

your choice when 'natural' is not enough
I realised that a large amount of products available and marketed as 'natural' and either made from or containing an amount of or organic or natural ingredients, made them just that. This did not mean they were suitable for my skin, so I decided to create my own.

As the first products I made were only intended for my own use, it meant that everything I created had to be tested extensively on my own skin to make sure that they were good for me and my very sensitive skin.

This approach remains the absolute corner stone of the business today. Our range of products has grown to over 120, and keeps growing, but every single new product is still tested on my own skin before they are released for general production and sale to the public.

Rest assured that you will not find any of the 'nasty stuff' in Sedbergh Soap. To read more about what is special about Sedbergh Soap and why our products are ideal for all ages, whether you have a skin condition or simply prefer the pure things in life; read more on Sensitive Skin?

Between 70% and 89.98% organic
We choose to work with high quality natural ingredients and our products are also largely organic. So why not 100% organic, you might ask? Because some ingredients cannot be reliably sourced as organic to suit a constant demand, which means that the labelling would have to change frequently and it would also mean more testing as the product would have changed. In other cases, some ingredients are so expensive that it would make our end product significantly more expensive and out of reach for some of the customers, who might need them the most.

our water
The water we use here at Sedbergh Soap, from soap production to cooking meals in the kitchen and cleaning all comes from the majestic Howgill Fells, which we are based at the foot of. - Lovely soft spring water and no chemical smells of chlorine treatment or other stuff.

What's in a name?
Which ever Sedbergh Soap product you pick up, you will notice our trademark no nonsense names. No airy fairy fluffy use of ingredients names or terms like 'enriched with....' or fancy quotes of science or formulas, which the general public have no chance to decoding.

We believe in straight forward names so our customers know what our products are for and what to expect. This might be rooted in the fact that I was born in Denmark where we like good strong design and clear lines.

 I hope you enjoy your Sedbergh Soap.

toddler hands using sedbergh soap wild oats spoon with rosemary juniper berries