Handmade from Sedbergh Soap 

What is in our soap - and what is not
The main ingredient in Sedbergh Soap is glycerine derived from organically and ethically grown and processed coconut oil and palm oil. We source our oils from tightly managed plantations, to ensure that we do not add to the problem of depleting rainforests. The organic oils are also a major reason for the nice soft lather our soap has. Enjoy!

Made for very sensitive skin
Sedbergh Soap was developed because of my own severe eczema since birth, so you can trust that I know first hand what it is like to have extremely sensitive skin. None of our products are tested on animals, but ALL of our soaps are tested on me and you can rest assured that Sedbergh Soap does not contain any of the nasty chemicals that irritate sensitive skin. Sedbergh Soap contains NO artificial colourings - NO perfume - NO fragrance - NO Propylene Glycol - NO Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) - NO Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) - NO Parabens - NO Phthalates - NO MIT - NO Triclosan - NO Methylchloroisothiazolinone - NO Methylisothiazolinone (MIT).....to name but a few of the common 'nasties' you may have seen on other ingredients lists or heard about. - Next time you go shopping, take a moment to look at the ingredients of your usual bath products....you may be in for a bit of a shock!

Pure essential oils
The fresh and clear smell goes all the way through the soap till the very last bit is used up. That is because we use only the best essential oils - the same used for aromatherapy. Our essential oils are organic where possible.

Herbs and flowers and other bits
The colours are all naturally occurring when the herbs and flowers are mixed with the hot liquid soap before it sets and is cut into the bars of soap you see in the pictures. We grow nearly all of the flowers and herbs on our farm including Lavender, Nettles (!), Rosemary, Lemongrass, Mint and Heather. But I have to confess that we have not succeeded in growing orange to get the orange flowers.

Packaging - Less is definitely More...and much better for the Environment
Because our soaps are also cut by hand they will vary a bit in size and shape. Each bar will weigh minimum of 125 gram but some may weigh up to 145 gram. Packaging or rather the limitation of it is very important to us. The packaging is minimal and is 100% biodegradable - so you can compost it all if you have a compost bin. And if not, you can recycle the paper again. Our philosoply is that if you are starting a new business these days - there is really no excuse not to think about the alternative forms of packaging available. - And we're pleased that so many of our customers and retailers agree.

The life of a cardboard box
We have entered into an agreement with a number of our wholesale customers and local shops to recyle their cardboard boxes. This means that if you order a larger quantity of soap it will arrive in a nice clean cardborad box but it may not be the first time it as been used. Our philosoply is 'why send a perfectly good box to the recycling plant when there is plenty of delivery miles left in it'?

Less Ego...more of the Good Stuff
Our ego is not so big we have to have our name on the outside of every box....because our growing number of stockists and their ever increasing sales of Sedbergh Soap tells us that you believe it is what's inside that counts. And because we don't spend a lot on packaging....we can spend more on the good stuff we put into our soap, it's as simple as that. Afterall, we hope you prefer to pay for the product and not what it's wrapped in.

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