Wholesale Opportunities at the Sedbergh Soap Company

We are now focussing on developing exclusive products for the hospitality indutry and we are therefore not currently adding new retail outlets for our products. - That said, there is always wriggle room for exceptional places.

We are a family business with a fast growing number of loyal customers spread across the UK and abroad. The news about Sedbergh Soap is spread fast and primarily by word-of-mouth.

Wholesale Opportunities
Every week we are asked by customers, who are visiting the area or have stayed in a hotel we supply, where they can buy their Sedbergh Soap near to them when they go home. So if you have a shop, which you believe is a match for our high quality products and you would like to sell Sedbergh Soap, then please do get in touch for a chat. You can either send us an email or call us on 015396 20967.

the kind of shops and outlets we work with
Sedbergh Soap Co. products can be found in a surprisingly diverse range of shops and other outlets such as,

  • Gift & Lifestyle Shops
  • Beauty Salons

Recommend a Shop
Or perhaps you are a happy customer who would be even happier if you could buy Sedbergh Soap in your favourite shop?

If so email us with your suggestion and we will contact the shop and tell them that their customers would like them to stock Sedbergh Soap. If they take up the offer we will send you a FREE bar of soap of your choice as a thank you for spreading the word about our Soap and skin care products.

seedbergh soap gift box 3 sedbergh soap stack of fiev soaps All over lotion for babies and toddlers Day and night cream in glass jar